Just Fun and Games?: History in Hobbies

I first picked up a video game controller at 6, and a miniatures paintbrush at 11. Ever since, I have been alternating between using the two and I am constantly amazed at how things have progressed on both fronts. With video games, I could remember being this young kid trying anything and everything to find [...]


Different Stories: Writing in Popular vs. Academic History

Every Monday morning for the past three months, I have attended a history writing workshop class. It was the type of class I would have dreaded during my undergrad, mainly because I felt my writing didn't have much to say outside of getting marked. But this one has felt different. Together, the twelve of us [...]

Hitting the Podwaves

One of my favourite assignments to do this past semester was researching and recording a podcast episode. I've always enjoyed the way that some hosts can draw you in with the stories/information they carry across in their episodes. From the well-crafted shorts (Mike Rowe's That's The Way I Heard It) to the enticingly long (Dan Carlin's Hardcore [...]

In The Field

For the past two months, I have been a research assistant with the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum. In the beginning, I was tasked with odd jobs: collecting hygrothermograph data, researching and cataloging incoming donations, and reformatting collection items in the archival stacks and textile items. The collection is fairly extensive and contains items from the [...]

In Search of Chaba Imne

If you venture west from the town of Jasper, Alberta, you will find a sight of legend. Countless sights in the Canadian Rockies elicit a range of emotions. When I saw the Rockies recently, I understood the many past descriptions I heard of the mountain setting. Dwarfed by the sheer immensity of their range and [...]

Welcome Home

  I was driving to Dresden, Ontario with a lingering question: can journalism be considered a kind of public history? For the past few weeks, I've been inching my way through Stuart McLean's 1993 non-fiction book Welcome Home: Travels in Smalltown Canada. Based off of an idea his friend put forward, McLean travels to seven small communities [...]